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Here are 65 "Vintage Tribute" patches for the Sequential Prophet Rev 2.


This patch set contains 2 parts:


- 25 patches I created to emulate some of my favorite vintage synths and synth sounds from various 70's/80's recordings.

- BONUS: 40 patches meant to pay homage to the first 40 presets on the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. These 40 sound will have a “P5” at the beginning of their name. 


See a demo of the 65 sounds here:


These patches are meant for use with the Sequential Prophet Rev 2 (8 or 16 voice). They will not work with any other hardware or software programs.


DISCLAIMER: While the patches that begin with "P5" are meant to pay homage to the original Prophet 5, they will not sound 'exactly' the same. The P5 and the Rev 2 are very different boards with very different modulation functions and data ranges.

Nick Semrad's Prophet Rev 2 "Vintage Tribute" Patch Set

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