New Blog

Hey everyone, I'm excited to announce that I've added a Blog section to the site. I'll be writing articles a few times a month that focus on education, creativity, the music business, and anything else that you guys request me to write about. The first article is up and running, and I'd appreciate your comments and will do my best to answer as many questions about the articles as my time allows. Thanks, y'all, and see you at NAMM next week!

Artist Consultation Package

Everyone, I'm excited to tell you that, in addition to the Skype lessons that I already teach, I'm now offering an ARTIST CONSULTATION PACKAGE!!! For $150, I'll be offering the following benefits as a part of the package:

* A one hour Skype (or in-person, if you reside in LA) session where I'll discuss general advice, an assessment of any recordings you have, playing and branding strategies based on your online profile and live videos, career and touring tips, and business lessons. 

* An additional half hour Skype lesson where we'll devise a weekly practice strategy. This can be scheduled at the same time as the assessment or at a later's up to you!!

Hit me up either on Instagram, Facebook, or at my email for availability!!!


I'm excited to announce that I will now be endorsing Yamaha brand keyboards (in addition to my continued use of Dave Smith Instruments). I'll be working with Yamaha to not only showcase their amazing instruments on-stage, but i'll also be getting to beta-test and give some opinions on some future projects of theirs.

Keep an eye out in the next month or two for some clips of me with their flagship board, the Montage, and their amazing ReFace series!!!